Octapharma Plasma Ribbon Cutting 2023

On November 15th we were happy to celebrate the opening of Octapharma Plasma and welcome them to our business community. We were thrilled to have the company’s COO fly out from North Carolina to join us and officially open this new location at 6091 University Avenue in San Diego. This is the third location in the San Diego region and there are now 15 locations in California and growing.

Octapharma Plasma was founded in 2007 and operates more than 170 centers in 34 states and serves more than 650,000 unique donors annually. This new center will hire locally and create 50 new jobs. The local impact of each center is approximately $5 million annually in competitive employee wages and donor payments.  Research shows that approximately 75% of payments to donors gets funneled right back into the local economy.

FACTS ABOUT PLASMA: Plasma carries antibodies, clotting factors and proteins through the body. Plasma is used to fight rare, chronic, life-threatening diseases and used in emergencies like burns, shock, and trauma.  Plasma is in constant need.  130 donations are needed to treat one immunodeficient patient and 1200 donations are needed to treat one hemophilia patient for one year. Octapharma Plasma is an industry-leading plasma collection company focused on improving the quality of life of everyone it serves.  We are grateful for the work this company does and are happy they chose to be a part of the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

Photos courtesy of Bob Walker Photography.