Taste of San Diego - East 2022

The La Mesa Chamber of Commerce’s annual food related event that was retooled and renamed several years ago to the “Taste of San Diego – East” was a night to remember! Diets were not allowed on Monday, July 18th as guests feverishly waited to enter the Pacific Ballroom at the Town and Country Hotel for their opportunity to “eat their hearts out” and sample delectable items prepared by the chefs and their staff for this special evening. This annual food-related event entertains over 450 people and this year we again were able to entertain people in the 13,000 square foot ballroom. The delight of the attendees was obvious, as they grazed from table to table sampling the signature dishes prepared with perfection by the chefs and their staff. The crowd rushed into the ballroom to the aroma of freshly grilled meats, fresh pulled pork, platters of chocolate covered fruits, braised chicken, freshly baked pies, ice cream macarons, grilled mushrooms, lasagna, pasta salads, seasoned chicken with an array of sauces, delectable mini desserts and chocolate covered fruits and more! As the song says, “Oh, What a Night!”

Many of the crowd took a break before continuing their feasting journey and talked with friends and visited the silent auction tables, took part in the Opportunity Drawing, or just hung out before beginning round two or three of samplings. The pandemic has taken a toll on the restaurant and food industry, and we are grateful to those food providers who could join us during these trying times. Guests were able to win valuable door prizes from the business vendors. That was the only time the room was quiet, as guests waited to hear their name called for those prizes OR to listen for their number to be called for the Opportunity Drawing.

Photos courtesy of www.CeCePhoto.com and Eviezphotography.com.

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