Evening Mixer Hosted by Grossmont Center and BJ’s Restaurant
The Chamber mixer held on April 6th at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, hosted by Federal Realty (the new managers of Grossmont Center) and BJ’s, was a standing room only activity! The crowd was happy, loud and joyous! During the evening the Chamber held raffles with prizes awarded by the Chamber and Grossmont Center. We were introduced to Julie Neward, Property Manager of Grossmont Center and Rosemary Reed, Marketing Coordinator of Grossmont Center. Julie was a gracious host and kept replenishing the refreshments for the hungry guests. They enjoyed the great tasting food as soon as it was delivered. Julie also discussed the operations of Grossmont Center and that changes will occur, but those changes are still being determined. Rosie Reed, the Marketing Coordinator addressed the crowd and let us know that Grossmont Center is poised and ready to host events that are good for the community. The Easter Bunny and friends will be featured at a booth in the middle of the Courtyard, so stop or hop by and see the bunny! A good time was had by all – thank you to the crowd who attended and our hosts, Federal Realty and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse!