In our continuing effort to publicize and promote our members, we are happy to showcase one of our first Chamber members, Cali Comfort BBQ. Owner, Shawn Walchef has completely redesigned the way he delivers his fantastic BBQ to his customers. Per Shawn, “This is the best time to be in business,” as he promotes “Digital Hospitality.” Per Shawn, “Everything a person needs is right in their phone.” The connection by way of digital information and knowledge has changed the way everyone does business. Watch the video and see how easy it is to order, pickup or have your BBQ delivered and enjoy pre-made cocktails to compliment your meal. Also get FREE peach cobbler, when you enroll in Shawn’s newsletter now at CaliBBQ.Media. You won’t want to miss that taste treat! Are you interested in revamping your business model to mimic Shawn’s? He is happy to share his expertise and help anyone be successful. Connect with him via CaliBBQ.Media.

Cali Comfort BBQ | 8910 Troy Street, Spring Valley, CA 91977 | (619) 337-0670 |

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