ABC Channel 10 News Luncheon

The La Mesa Chamber members and other leaders from within the community attended a marketing, networking and informational luncheon hosted by ABC Channel 10 on Tuesday, September 12th. Over 100 business leaders attended this excellent opportunity to learn more about advertising and how to track customers and potential customers by using cell phones. The presentation was not only informative, but brief so that tours could be taken of the studio. The highlight of the session was a visit from Kimberly Hunt. She explained her passion for reporting the news and why she continues to work at Channel 10 news which she has done for decades. She explained that Channel 10 news follows local news from beginning to the end, whenever the end results of the story happen. She cited examples of some of her prominent stories and it was refreshing to have the opportunity to meet and have her insight on the news. Location: 4600 Air Way, San Diego, CA 92102 (619) 237-7915 @abc10news

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