Photos By Sandra Small Photographer.

On Saturday, April 8th Dena and Randy Shamoo, the dynamic married team and owners of Craft Kitchen decided to celebrate their two-year anniversary by hosting an old fashioned “block party.” This “block party” was held in the parking lot of their restaurant at 4253 Palm Avenue in La Mesa. Guests were entertained outside in the lot, as well as inside the restaurant. Guests were busy celebrating and dining on the great food, as well as sipping on the exclusive specialty brews, artisan cocktails. craft sodas and wine. Senator Joel Anderson sent his representative, Paulo Nulud who presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the couple on their 2- year anniversary. Supervisor Dianne Jacob sent a certificate also to celebrate this anniversary that was presented by Chamber President & CEO, Mary England who also presented a certificate from the Chamber as well. The Craft Kitchen “team” were all bustling around serving food, beverages and smiles, which were the menu of the day!

We wish Dena and Randy our best wishes. This fabulous family has worked in the La Mesa community for the past 24 years and are so happy that they opened their additional business in La Mesa. May they have many, many more celebrations and good times in La Mesa!