Union Bank Check Presentation to Nadia Zamora, Pink Rose Cafe

Union Bank believes in supporting local communities and reinvesting in the communities it serves. That is why Union Bank, in partnership with the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce surprised La Mesa business owner, Nadia Zamora on Wednesday, November 18th with a one-time community award and $5,000. Nadia and her Husband were in the process of renovating their building and opening their new business, when the May 30 unrest took place. Their building was severely damaged, and all of their tools were taken.

Nadia wanted to be part of the rebuilding of our community and reached out to the community, via social media and volunteers gathered to create messages of hope, love and peace. Zamora and the others hung those messages on the safety fence surrounding the destroyed Union Bank building. What a message Nadia and her friends sent to people as they drove past them on Spring Street! We are a resilient community and with people like Nadia Zamora, willing to make a difference, we are on our way to a new tomorrow.

Nadia’s efforts did not go unnoticed by the management and employees of Union Bank. That is why on Wednesday, November 18, the leadership team of Union Bank, led by Regional President Isai Amaya and La Mesa Branch Manager Carlton Hill, in partnership with the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce surprised Nadia with a $5,000 check, as well as sponsoring a one-year La Mesa Chamber membership for her business, the Pink Rose Café. The award presented by Union Bank will be used by the couple to continue to renovate their building, as they fulfill their dream of opening their La Mesa business, the Pink Rose Café, at 8209 La Mesa Blvd., in the coming weeks.

Photos courtesy of Sandra Small/ Photographer.

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