Photos By Sandra Small Photographer.

Senator Joel Anderson sent his representative, Paulo Nulud to present a certificate of appreciation for their 50 years within the business community. Assemblywoman Shirley Weber sent a proclamation to celebrate this 50th Anniversary that was presented by La Mesa Chamber President & CEO Mary England. The Chamber presented their own gift to Sandy and Ed Burr, a sculpture entitled, ‘Soaring Eagles.” The Chamber believes that these two soaring eagles represent Ed and Sandy Burr who have constantly soared new heights in the leadership that they have exemplified throughout their 50 years of leading their organization.

We congratulate EDCO for their 50 years in business and dedication to our community. Thank you, Sandy, and Ed Burr for being such a driving force within our community – we LOVE you!.On Tuesday, April 25th, the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce and EDCO welcomed members of the local business community to celebrate EDCO’s 50th Anniversary. As guests joined in this celebration, the warmth filled the room, as people waited in line to meet and talk to Sandy and Ed Burr, owners of EDCO. They were joined by members of their family and EDCO team members, as they all shared in the celebration and congratulated EDCO for their 50 years of business and community involvement.